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Finding hard to build stunning websites with Gutenberg? Now, with K2 Blocks you can move mountains!

    K2 Blocks Creative Gutenberg Blocks

    Modal Box

    Add promotional elements, registration forms, etc., that pop up at the click of a button or after a specified loading time, on your website using our Modal Box.


    Highlight your accomplishments and important stats, and visualize figures using our Counter block that offers extensive customization options.

    Magic Image

    Use our Magic Image block to add scrollable, panoramic images that transition automatically on hover to showcase landscapes, page views, etc.


    Set countdowns, event dates, and release dates with our beautiful Timer block to keep your audience more engaged and interested in your website.

    Premium Section

    A premium section allows you to slide a template added on a page like menu, popup, poster or more with these buttery animations.

    Info Box

    Use our Info Box as an attention-getter for important information, alert messages, engaging news, user-friendly text and

    Progress Bar

    Visualize your skills, progress, and statistics with multiple designs and animation options using our Progress Bar.

    Call To Action

    Use our Call to Action block to add headings, images, paragraphs, and buttons to boost your users to take action.

    Classic Button

    Enable your users to engage with your website using button. Change the style like shadow, width, spacing, icon.


    Create captivating headings with multiple fonts, styles, and colors. Customize and highlight the way you like it.

    Hero Banner

    Show key information with beautiful animations, overlays, and interactions making the landing section stunning.